Hello there!

Ohger is a site where you can set up an interview with someone.

It's especially useful for people who are Wikipedia editors, but interviews conducted here can be used for any purpose at all.

For Wikipedia Editors

Often times, information on a Biography subject at Wikipedia is impossible to find. As you know, any statement of fact in a biography needs a citation.

If your biography subject is willing to answer some questions on record, you might want to consider setting up an interview here to collect the citations needed.

Once your interview is set up, ask your subject some questions, get their answers, publish the interview here at Ohger, then use the link provided as a citation.

For other purposes

You may wish to interview someone simply so there is a transcription online that anyone can link to and read. That's fine!

It's Free

If you'd like to try it out, you'll get a link to the area where you can add as many questions as you want.

After you have some questions, you can forward them to the interview subject and they get a link back to the interview where they can enter some answers.

After you read the answers, you may want to add additional questions and you can do that.

The interview can go back and forth for as long as needed and when you're satisfied, publish the interview and you'll receive a link. That link can be used for any purpose you wish, such as a citation at Wikipedia.

Request an Interview Setup